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Searching for “Salon and Spa software India”? Look no further. Cradlee is a cloud-based application especially developed for Salon & Spa businesses. It allows online booking, scheduling, rescheduling, inventory control, payment and invoicing.

Tailored software for beauty salons' needs.

Cradlee is specialize in providing software solutions specifically designed for the needs of beauty and hair salons. Cradlee help salon owners and managers to streamline their operations, improve their efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.

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Cradlee reduces admin tasks, automates scheduling, manages inventory, and personalizes services.

One of the benefits of using Cradlee is that it can help reduce administrative tasks and free up time for salon staff to focus on providing better services to customers. With automated appointment such eluding and reminders, staff can avoid the hassle of manual scheduling and spend more time with clients. Inventory management features can help keep track of product usage and reorder supplies as needed, reducing the risk of running out of stock that led to revenue loss. Customer management tools can help track client preferences and history, allowing staff to provide personalized services.

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