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Salon success made simple with our software.

All In One Solution

Cradlee helps you to automate your salon work

Super easy to Operate

Cradlee is super easy to operate and requires absolutely no technical skills. It has one the flattest learning curves in this niche. Accept bookings like a pro!

Try Before you Pay

You heard it right. No upfront cost. We provide this option because we are confident that as a business owner you will get hooked to its simplicity and wide range of functionalities.

Subscription based payment per outlet

No additional costs and no update charges. All our future versions and newly added functionalities will be free of charge.

With rising demand for healthy lifestyles, people are looking for services that can relieve stress caused by a busy lifestyle. And so its no surprise that salon, spa, gym, weight loss, hair removal and health/ wellness centres are increasingly becoming popular.

High Security

CRADLEE provides maximum security ensuring no data breaches or leaks in the system.

24*7 Availability

Call us, ping us at your own time. We are at your service.

Multi Location Support

No matter where you are, CRADLEE's customer support’s got your back.

Trusted by 100+ Businesses

Solve all your needs with Cradlee


Cradlee is a salon software that offers diversy range
for fatures for all size of business

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Our Value

How Cradlee Helps


It streamlines all your business activities. Cradlee will help manage your business efficiently, by allowing you to manage business operations and customers efficiently. You will be able to manage appointments, accommodate requests for new ones, manage postponed appointments, and reschedule existing ones – thereby becoming more efficient and profitable.


It will improve your productivity. Ensuring that your technicians are productive during busy times is essential in any health and wellness business. As the owner/manager of the business, you will be able to have customers book appointments, and Cradlee will also ensure that your technicians are kept productive.


It will improve customer service and employee engagement. Use our analysis capabilities to understand who your most profitable customers and who your best staff are. After all, don’t we want to serve our prime customers better and also incentivise our best staff better? A full view of your team schedule, as well as resources means that you will never double book another appointment ever again, and customers can book their appointments online 24/7.


Bang for your buck is ensured. A software has to be cost-effective. Check. And it has to ensure you get 10x the return on investment. Check. Don’t take our word for it though. Try if for free for1-2months, and then let us know what impact it has had on your business, profitability, and customer service.